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Teppanya Kamigata Midou


We looked for owner oneself
We enjoy ultimate ingredients by grilling foods on an iron plate

If there is delicious thing, world owner to go anywhere looks for ultimate ingredients that I think, "we want to eat anytime" by oneself as well as Japan and provides. Examine best meat, vegetables, sea foods closely, to powder thing which is more basic in Kansai. We can spend time for relaxation in space that can take a break while we are refined that arranged friendship of heartwarming private house into modishness.

  • Private room
  • Child entering a shop is OK
  • Stroller OK
  • Wheelchair OK
  • Reserved consultation
  • Takeout
  • Vegetarian correspondence
  • There is foreign language menu
  • It supports Mitsui Shopping Park point
Hours of operation
<Monday – Friday> From 17:00 to 23:30 (L.O. 23:00)
<Saturdays, Sundays, holidays> From 17:00 to 23:00 (L.O. 22:00)
Mean budget
[at night] 5,500 yen
The number of seats
[private room] Two rooms (table): Four people ...
Official site
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Shops news

Three articles of "winter sets" using seasonal ingredients are selling vegetables or oyster in winter


In "iron plate and upward Mido," "winter set" that seasonal taste can enjoy comes up until Wednesday, February 28. It is three articles of "bamboo steamer steaming of seasonal vegetables" that nutrient-rich "saute of shrinkage spinach" only by winter has with specialite de la maison Japanese pepper mayonnaise other than "iron plate fried oysters" to burn set contents to Jushi, and to fry. Please thoroughly enjoy deluxe ingredients only by this time to the full.                         

[product for winter set (1-2 people)] 2,400 yen (it includes tax-excluded sa)
・Iron plate fried oysters
・Sauteed shrinkage spinach
・Seasonal vegetables with bamboo steamer steaming specially made Japanese pepper mayonnaise

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Information for advantageous card Mitsui Shopping Park card
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Information for convenient application Mitsui Shopping Park application
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