Was pumpkin head turnip head?

Season of Halloween came over. It is "the Jack Oran tongue" colonizing now in Japan, why will it be pumpkin? In fact, that we made lantern with turnip in Ireland of the Halloween birthplace and were as charm, people who moved to the United States came to make lantern with pumpkin that there was many in substitution for turnip in the United States.

How about cake of Jack Oran tongue as direction of sense of the seasons in time, the workplace of Halloween and house? "Neapolitan chocolate" which Iidabashi Sakura Terrace "SEIJO ISHI" recommends is product which is recommended to sweets exchange between adults. Letter of "THANKS" is printed and is good cake to convey appreciation.

In addition, Indian costume play including Surrey is popular as disguise of Halloween in Japan, too. After having become Bollywood star completely, in Iidabashi Sakura Terrace "dip palace", how about "butter chicken curry" which stewed bone-in tandoori chicken with creamy tomato-based curry slowly and carefully? Hotness is mild, and deep curry of taste matches wine from India well. Besides, menu of Thai dishes including "salad of Thai eggplant and ground meat" using seasonal eggplant is satisfying, too.

How to spend Halloween is each person. Please enjoy in oneself-style.

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With the price of street corner world with world food
Supermarket of relief, security

Quality supermarket which provides "more delicious days" in concept in "High Quality Good Price." Homemade product which does not use additive as much as possible or coffee, tea, cheese wine are prepared whether world taste is full of variety.

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In exotic atmosphere
Real Indian dishes and Thai dishes

We do internal metabolism in spice to use with Indian dishes lively and can expect various effects to maintain health. "Sweet shin, acid", as for the beautiful Thai dishes of color, o features rich flavor that we mixed in a good balance using ingredients with detox effect. It will be that you surely become captive in the taste that chef of "Dippalace" which we studied at the home weaves.

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