Is literary person glutton?

Nobel Prize in Literature of this year was announced the other day. Regardless of home and abroad, famous writer leaves a lot of beautiful compositions about trip and eating and drinking, and well-known store related to literary person stays in all parts of the world. Talent to enjoy trip and eating and drinking may have deep relation to literature.

Well-established inn of Matsue where Toson Shimazaki, Ryunosuke Akutagawa visited COREDO Nihonbashi "Nihonbashi Minami" is main store, and "taimeshi" is noted product from the times when they played an active part. It is said that the first chef finds from documents and reproduced chazuke that master of tea ceremony daimyo, Fumai Matsudaira of Matsue feudal clan devised Netherlands dishes for hint. We put soboro, egg yolk, white of sea bream, grated Japanese radish on polished rice and have you pour soup stock. Full-bodied soup stock which we combined soup stock and soup stock of bone out of one of sea bream with most gathers up various ingredients and brings about deluxe harmony.

If deluxe ochazuke is preference, how is "we cover with eel"? Only kabayaki hangs spice to kabayaki and can enjoy one spitchcock for three ways of taste when it is eel chazuke. By kelp soup stock which they did plainly for eel chazuke, both the third bowl and one which we can have lightly are deluxe.

That October is called "the tenth lunar month", calls in Izumo where God gathers with "(kamiarizuki) in the tenth lunar month."
You eat noted product of Izumo Ko Kunimatsu, and do you not enjoy feeling of "the tenth lunar month?"

COREDO Nihonbashi 4F


We centered on "Taimeshi"
Traditional taste that long-established store brings

Accommodation "Minamikan" of great writer that the head office is proud of history in business for about 110 years in Shimane, Matsue. We can taste full-scale Japanese food which has been loved mainly on fishery products of specialty "Minami family lore Taimeshi" and Sea of Japan and Lake Shinji which Prince Matsue feudal lord, Fumai Matsudaira devised, real banquet dishes and local cuisine using riches of the soil of San-in, original dishes by many writer artists doing calligraphy including Toson Shimazaki.

Detailed information of store is this