We eat chestnut at the time of game

Heat softened, and season when chestnut became delicious came over.
History was old, and autumn taste representative "chestnut" seemed to support life of people as ingredients and wood from Jomon period.

That we dried fruit of chestnut in the age of civil strife and arrived with rice mortar and we removed husk and the inner skin and made and gave soldier carrying food called "dried chestnut." Let alone high nutritive value, we seemed to let you raise the morale of soldier from good point of luck that hung archaic word of (arrive) to hull with rice mortar "and" "victory".

At the time of games such as sports or work, why don't you eat chestnut?♪

Autumn kneads seasonal black soybean and chestnut paste into "baked confectioneries of cake gold of chestnut and black soybean" which COREDO Muromachi 1 "foil seat" releases with a limitation of amount every year in autumn luxuriously and is sweets which treated gold leaf boldly on the sky side. Refined sweetness and wet texture and glittering gold leaf create teatime elegantly. As it is aging cake which becomes mild flavor so as to lay at normal temperature, it is good to souvenir.

In addition, flavor tea that "marron glace" which store specializing in Japanese green tea "ocharaka" of COREDO Muromachi 1 recommended imaged marron glace. Put flavor that chestnut had body to base with fragrant flavor of roasted tea, refreshing flavor of Linden (linden tree) together and is tea which is good at relaxing time. Stephane Danton of storekeeper is sommelier, and "this tea seems to match spiced tea and shochu". Please try that.

Feeling to love autumn taste "chestnut" still has the same old days.
Try modern "dried chestnut" by all means at this opportunity!

COREDO Muromachi 1 1F


We convey foil original power and beauty
Store specializing in gold leaf of Kanazawa

Store specializing in gold leaf "foil seat" of Kanazawa making use of traditional gold leaf in now is appearance in Nihonbashi that there was the Shogunate engine controlling gold silver foil in the Edo era. We advocate "tradition and innovation" in concept and, in container, cosmetics, sweets using original pure gold platinum foil, a wide variety of lines of products including fashion, convey charm of foil. The bodily sensation space "golden heavens" of gold leaf to give life to craftsmanship are must-see.

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We enjoy like wine
Store specializing in Japanese green tea

France-born sommelier, store specializing in Japanese green tea by Stephane Danton. About 30 kinds of original flavor tea which put flavor of plant peculiar to Japan such as fruit, flower, mugwort and kelp in green tea and roasted tea is lineups. It is new tea to enjoy hue of transparent gold and sweet flavor and deep taste like wine with "eyes, nose, mouth".

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