Special table to celebrate by art

It is season of art in autumn. We demanded artistry from dishes for a long time in Japan. Rosanjin Kitaooji who leaves the name as epicure preaches that container and arrangement, environment do cooking more deliciously. Everybody enjoys meal artistically, too, and do you not polish aesthetic sense?

Art to be able to enjoy in GINZA gCUBE "AFELIZ" is projection mapping♪
We can have Spanish food while appreciating mapping projected by wall surface and can experience mapping and direction of sound to celebrate birthdays at designated table. As visit that is same as child is possible, it is recommended to fair to celebrate memorial day on birthday of family.

Dinner which is art with surprise seems to be left in memory as pleasant memory for a long time.



In diner bal party!
We direct multi-space at one store

Spanish diner which creates time and space of adult only in Ginza. To membership system bar counter which can taste dining space that can thoroughly enjoy delicate Spanish food with bloom such as tapa or paella and wine of all the countries of the world and real cocktail, secret room is perfection, too. The use of various parties is possible, too.

Detailed information of store is this