New Zealand specialty lamb is good for eating

Rugby World Cup began. That New Zealand "All Blacks" of favorite country were quite popular in Japan, when they visited Japan for the first time in 1987, they were given mission of mutton sales promotion from the government and stood in store of supermarket between games. Present visitors would be surprised!

The feature of New Zealand mutton is that it is easy to eat. What one of the specialized Restaurants of a little New Zealand wine of Tokyo, Ginza Velvia-kan "grilled & waimbaarossa Ginza shop" recommend to "grilled lamb." After having put slightly grilled color in frying pan, we can enter oven, and lamb which we spend time not to put a burden on fleshy substance and baked is taste easy for softly at all.

Sense of closeness to All Blacks seems to strongly increase if we spend fun time with New Zealand wine that global evaluation increases and delicious lamb!

Ginza Velvia-kan 8F

Grill & Wine Bar Arossa Ginza

Wine has always ready 150 kinds or more!
New Zealand wine and dishes

The second shop of "Shibuya arossa" which deals mainly with Australian wine. We have New Zealand wine always ready 150 kinds or more and can enjoy with dishes mainly on beef and lamb from New Zealand which thought about affinity with wine. High entrance as we look up at wine cellar. Ceiling is space that there is open feeling highly, and is comfortable.

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