Noted product of rugby origin country, fish & Tips

Rugby World Cup begins on Friday, September 20. Soccer and rugby parted from early football in the U.K., and it was the 19th century that we developed into each. We say that a certain specialty spread in the U.K. of the time. With the specialty "fish & Tips." That fish and potato of materials came to be carried to London by development of railroad by north district and took root in factory as eating out of general public who worked.

On day of feeling to be the U.K.-style, and to want to drink beer in fish & Tips, Akasaka Biz tower "P.C.A. Pub Cardinal Akasaka" is recommended. This fish & Tips is made with orthodox recipe and finishes in texture that by adding beer to batter, it was said that it is crispy. Other than lemon of plate, handmade tartar sauce, ketchup, it is British style that puts malt vinegar (malt vinegar) on table. We put popular Heineken and Guinness together in British pub, and would it like to swell by rugby talk?

Triggered by Rugby World Cup, we want to enjoy food culture in the U.K. closer.

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P.C.A. Pub Cardinal Akasaka

Music and picture and meal weave
Stylish night

Luxury public stage which creates "play" of Tokyo. Many tapa which chef with ascetic practices makes in home Spain features reasonable pricing. Please enjoy wine that sommelier selected carefully and cocktail which expert bartender offers with stylish sound.

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