It is anti-aging with buckwheat flour

Does everybody know that there is common point with wine near? The common point is polyphenol-rich thing. That polyphenol for one meal of side is about the same as one cup of wine. Furthermore, soba which mineral has abundant provides antioxidation and seems to be able to expect effect of anti-aging.

It is Akasaka Biz tower "Akasaka, Tokyo Yabu soba" that can taste charm of such a side by menu except side limit (noodles). Well-known store distributes official noren of "Yabu soba which got caught", and it was said that we are overjoyed, is simple, tasting of "Sobagaki" using buckwheat flour same as main store is recommended to attendant of liquor. Side of business not to wind up that side craftsman calls "secret side set" saying "it is secret" that is popular for both lunch and dinner. Medicinal herb small rice of 12 kinds of incomes of side is included in cold soba which we fully put spice on and can enjoy side in noodles and both rice.

Do you not enjoy by various menus by a lot of polyphenol with family with between women or healthy long-lived wish for aging measures on Respect for the Aged Day?

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We taste in refined space
Side that succeeds well-established taste

Distribute official noren of well-established "Yabu soba which got caught" of Soba; shop. We offer taste of "thicket" and taste of long-established store protecting technique rigidly by innovative menu. As the shop which expressed Yabu soba which was ever in bamboo forests offers counter seat or standing bar corner, private room, please enjoy taste of Edo side in various scenes.

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