Day to enjoy vegetables

August 31 with 831 "day of vegetables." It is memorial day when it was established in 1983 by 9 groups including association of greengrocery commerce cooperatives society of the whole country when we want you to eat more vegetables. How do you carry today when you have a good vegetables?

Recommendation of day to fully want to eat vegetables Ginza Velvia-kan "Ginza bar Dell SOLE 2Due." Summer-limited "cold tomato sauce pasta" is nutrition pasta of tomato which we used brand tomato, amera of high sugar content for abundantly until the end of. When the second share intertwines paste of basil only with tomato as for the first share, we can enjoy two kinds of taste. "Salad of prosciutto ham and Grana Padano cheese" to have with full-bodied dressing which blended onion which we grated with balsamic vinegar is one article that is good to white wine of neat flavor.

Everybody knows vegetables, too, and do you not fully have vegetables with pasta and salad? ?

Ginza Velvia-kan 1F

GINZA 2Due Bar Delsole

Bar of home Italy to Japan
The pioneer Ginza first shop of bar

The pioneer "Dell SOLE" of bar catching hot support from Italy Ginza first shop. As Italian craftsman, successor of food culture, we create Ginza-style of smart adult. Shop with product which can satisfy needs depending on rhythm of life of customer anytime. We can enjoy various foods and wine, cafes, gelato, dolci through day.

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