Souvenir of homecoming is well-known store of Kanto limitation

Close tray. May homecoming troubled with selection of souvenir come? Therefore we introduce two well-established sweets of Tokyo that is not usually sold this time any place other than Kanto.

At first, sweets "ancestor waste rice cake" which is loved from the Edo era of COREDO Muromachi 1 "FUNABASHIYA." Secret black syrup which blended several kinds of sugar is rather coarse, and waste rice cake of FUNABASHIYA founded in front of Kameido-Tenjin Shrine in 1805 does not use preservatives and additive including soybean flour which we sawed at all. As expiry date is only two days, just before homecoming the purchase.

The second recommendation "leaf pie" of Akasaka Biz tower "GINZA WEST." After having become store specializing in cakes, this shop founded as prestigious restaurant in west Ginza in 1947 values material original flavor and molding by manual labor. "Leaf pie" which craftsman folds in 256-layer by hand is loved toward the generation when case retoshita texture and obedient sweetness of white zarame sugar are wide.

It is obvious celebrity shop both in Tokyo, but is good to present of Tokyo as it is not available other than the events such as product exhibition any place other than Kanto.
When I hand, it is further pleased to convey discerning point of well-known store.

COREDO Muromachi 1 1F


Discerning taste well-established having been continued since the Edo era
We thoroughly enjoy "waste rice cake"

Shop of waste rice cake founded in Edo, 1805. Fermented food of the Japanese confectionery one and only that waste rice cake of exquisite texture steams wheat starch which let you make lactic fermentation for 15 months and gives. The first generation goes to Tokyo on seeing turnout of Kameido-Tenjin Shrine. Rice cake which cooked using high quality wheat of Shimousa country (North Chiba) which is hometown wins popularity to worshiper, to one of specialty of Edo. Thereafter we examine material closely for "heart of hospitality" and we protect the original manufacturing method and go through feelings.

Detailed information of store is this

Akasaka Biz tower SHOPS&DINING B1


Appropriate for long-established store is refined
Confectionery where cookies and cake are even on

Well-established confectionery of Ginza that continues making cookies and cake utilized flavor of material since its formation. We are made by manual labor of all craftsman without using artificial fragrance, pigment as much as possible to make use of characteristic of raw materials. Case retoshita texture and resistance to the teeth of white zarame are recommended to exquisite leaf pie and delicate dry cake as present.

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