The end of this week is silver bura with yukata

We reached August and came to see person who walked town with yukata well. There is event of yukata in Ginza, and yukata look seems to further increase this weekend. We go out with favorite yukata with modern cityscape of Ginza, and does everybody not taste summer taste of Japan, too?

After having enjoyed summer Ginza with yukata, in Ginza Velvia-kan "NANAYA GINZA", how about deep-fried skewers and cold sake? Mouth nijuwatto spreads taste of material which selected carefully chef from batter of texture that is light as for the deep-fried skewers in small bread crumbs which we crushed in shop. "Princess skewer course" that fully summarized charm of shop with feelings in menu except deep-fried skewers is comprised of seasonal appetizer, careful selection skewer five (prawns, crab, sea tangle with herring roe, makomodake of A5 Japanese beef, angel), sea urchin pasta, seasonal dessert and is course where is good to woman.

Yukata that woman has cup of unwarmed sake in her hand looks cool visually.
Do you not taste moment when I think, "summer in Japan is wonderful" in Ginza?

Ginza Velvia-kan 7F


We can taste domestic wine and sake
Shop of deep-fried skewers and Obanzai

Restaurants of deep-fried skewers and Obanzai which can taste new "Japan taste" that one step stepped into from the sum mainly on freshly-fried healthy deep-fried skewers and Japanese wine, sake. We offer sake course (3,800 yen/4,800 yen) to be able to enjoy, course menu four kinds such as Japanese wine course (3,800 yen/4,800 yen) from appetizer to skewer, soup, Nakahachi, dessert.

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