Heat measures that is hot with Thai dishes

When suddenly hot day continues, there may be much to become so-called "summer lethargy" that does not have willpower to eat.
But in the country where the highest temperature is higher than 35 degrees Celsius during about one year in the world. Thailand where one is said to be "country of smile." I have highest temperature of 36 degrees Celsius in December said "to be easy to spend time most". That it is for appetite increase that red pepper is used for Thai dishes well. How is cooking that is hot for the summer lethargy prevention in Japan in Thailand?

Heat measures menu of "Thai Restaurants *" of COREDO Nihonbashi recommendation soup curry "gentaipa" of seafood. In addition to seafood such as fish dumpling, squid, scallop, prawns, vegetables are fully contained and seem to be able to supply necessary nutrition well in summer. The staff from Thailand told that it was saying "it is dishes which even sea bream ate in the southern part of strict Thailand of heat in particular". As level of hotness is the superlative degree of this shop, but seem to be able to regulate, relief!

A lot of spicy grass and vegetables effective against health including coriander and lemongrass are used for Thai dishes other than red pepper. Please acquire spirit with Thai dishes before getting completely exhausted in earnest.

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Genuine cook brings
It is eating a food with great relish to real Thai dishes

Real Thai restaurant where chef having many winning a prize careers by cookoff of Bangkok shows the skill to. We can taste herb and real Thailand dishes which we transported by air from Thailand of one "sweet shin, acid" using seasoning samisen. Tableware and accessory that exotic the shop, owner who were particular about interior go to Thailand for buying by oneself can taste feeling that seems to be in Thailand at all.

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