Goldfishes coloring summer

It is the long rainy season this year. On hot and humid day in event "cool air ... of the Edo era to enjoy with ECO EDO 2019, Nihonbashi - Gokan" of Nihonbashi of the sum how about enjoying the cool of the evening?
Relation street following happiness and prosperity Shinto shrine is colored by digital art that did fireworks and goldfish in motif as "goldfish University lantern approach to a shrine", and it is in art spot where summer cool air of Edo is felt. In Nihonbashi Mitsui hall, magnificent aquatic animal art exhibition "art aquarium 2019" that art fused with goldfish is performed and can enjoy item which did goldfish in motif in Shops of COREDO Muromachi 3.

In "Taira Yamada Ando", goldfish appears in Bonbonniere "caramel box" of the sum. It is container of smart design which cute goldfish swims when we open cover which treated ripple. Other than candies such as kompeito, the cool is felt more when we serve agar and jelly. Design which matches modern lifestyle while valuing tradition of ancient people is recommended to summer family celebration.

In "cosmètics makanai", Nihonbashi-limited "scooping goldfish hand care set" is quite popular. -limited citrus fruit pro-flavor is refreshing in summer, and hand cream of the smooth touch made with natural material is good in summer when the number of times to wash hand increases. Soap of goldfish adds summeriness to bathroom. We draw message and illustration on poi of discount, and how about for original present?

We hold "cool air ... of the Edo era to enjoy by the ECO EDO 2019, Nihonbashi - five senses" until September 23.
How about going to visit Nihonbashi to look at cool goldfish at hot summer night?

COREDO Muromachi 3 2F


Imperial Household Agency purveyance for the government,
Lacquerware which continues being loved more than the times

Close more happily with lacquerware." 1919 founding, store specializing in lacquerware of Imperial Household Agency purveyance for the government. We send lacquerware easy to use which we matched with modern lifestyle and new lacquerware full of originality than the ground, Nihonbashi of founding while protecting tradition and technique that we inherited from ancient people. Of course we suggest lacquerware to be able to enjoy in daily tables and every scene of living including hospitality in visitor to present.

Detailed information of store is this

COREDO Muromachi 3 3F

Cosmètics makanai

It is most suitable for present
The sum cosmetics derived from natural material

Shop of new idea with "beautiful consideration that we gave." "the sum cosmetics" for as concept. He/she wraps cosmetics which are kind to skin by natural material of the sum by "topping packing available this and that". Besides, as for Nihonbashi shop-limited gift sets. Hand care product to become "hand beautiful woman" including "hand cream of exquisite recipe" of popularity No. 1 is fulfilling. About beauty and care of hand skin, you can get fine advice.

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