Aloha is sometimes I love you

Did you decide plan of summer vacation?
Hawaii where is popular as destination of vacation features original culture. Greetings are "aloha" in the evening in the morning noon, "thank you", by the place, "love" "well"; that is meant. Tolerant love understanding by one word seems to surround Hawaii.

Cafe Restaurants that such an aloha spirit is felt as for the Iidabashi Sakura Terrace "ALOHA TABLE." Hawaiian specialty "loco Moco" shines for popularity vote No. 1 in loco Moco section of Hawaii tourist bureau official recognition program "111-HAWAII AWARD", and main store in Hawaii Waikiki is supported hot by Hawaiian enthusiast. We seem to totally hear sound of Hawaiian wave if we taste loco Moco with gravy sauce learned in the home.

While tasting Hawaiian dishes in shop with feeling of freedom,
Is it not wrapped up in generosity of "aloha" to introduce "we love" into as "good morning?"

Iidabashi Sakura Terrace 2F


We set up main store in Waikiki
Hawaiian cafe dining

Hawaiian cafe dining "Aloha Table" which sets up main store in Waikiki. Cafe thyme to be able to enjoy healthy pancake and kona coffee at lunchtime when various plates are available, tapa and cocktail are Allday dining which is usable until dinner to be able to enjoy freely even in what kind of time.

Detailed information of store is this