Holliday only for island, Japan

There is "Marine Day" in consecutive holidays on July 3. It is said to be only only Japan in the world that there is holiday called "Marine Day". Japan and depth of connection of the sea seem to appear on holiday. It contributes to the fact that the sea is imminent to be able to have various seafood dishes in Japan. On Marine Day, do you not thoroughly enjoy blessing of the Japanese sea with fish dishes?

Italian Restaurants that Kojun Building DINING & STORES "sea urchin and wine tsukihi" of Ginza featured the theme of Japanese sea urchin (uni) and wine. By "comparing the tastes of domestic raw sea urchin", we can have sea urchin varying according to the stocking of the day. This time is comparing the tastes of two kinds of Anthocidaris crassispina and one kind of Hemi centrotus pul cherrimus. We can enjoy difference in color, sweetness, taste in the same Anthocidaris crassispina by production center. "Spaghetti of tomato cream, home brew squid sumi of Japanese blue crab and sea urchin" that a lot of use in woman one is luxurious in visual with lunch in counter seat is popular menu.

Hokkaido is famous, but, for production center of sea urchin, is fished in Kyushu and the Seto Inland Sea.
Please enjoy blessing of the Japanese sea with sea urchin of various production centers on Marine Day of this year!

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X sea urchin Italian in Ginza!
If comparing the tastes of sea urchin which ordered from various parts of Japan likes sea urchin; by all means

Shop "tsukihi" (TSUKIHI) of sea urchin (uni) and wine which began in hideout of Hiroo. We moved the stage to Ginza and further remade evolution &. Based on Italian food, we provide dishes of selected style that featured the theme of sea urchin and Champagne and wine.

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