In single night when it is special on wedding anniversary

This year when we reached "2019." It became topic that "Reiwa gets married" that we registered our marriage on the first day of the Reiwa while there was the celebration mood. What kind of day was entry in the family register day of everybody?
When it is association memorial day and proposal memorial day when it is hard to forget and we value luck and are day of Daiyasu, it will be that quality of two surely appears. On wedding anniversary when couple is important, would you like to look back on the first day of connubiality with special dinner course?

Fragrant, juicy T-bone steak that we baked bisticker course of Ginza Velvia-kan "BISTECCHERIA ENOTECA OSTERIA IL MORO" by charcoal and fire of firewood is main. From light appetizer which you used seasonal taste for abundantly to dynamic meat dishes, you can enjoy gorgeous course. Noboru Takai chef who says, "we want to make dishes which are simple, and use material, and are left in memory what was delicious." It will be what is engraved into page 1 of memory of two as "wedding anniversary when we ate delicious dishes".

With thought to thanks to past connubiality and connubiality in the future, please spend special night.

Ginza Velvia-kan 8F


Bisticker which it was dynamic and baked
Hand-kneaded pasta is Toscana restaurant of noted product

Bisticker (T-bone steak) that noted product of Toscana district represented in Italy Florence was dynamic, and it baked beef. It is chance you show what you can do of shop in difference appearing by quality and how to grill meat as it is simple. In "irumoro", we can thoroughly enjoy menu which we made use of the subject matter including hand-kneaded pasta in thoroughly including the finest bisticker which put bincho charcoal and firewood together.

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