Rainy day table of house noisily

You usually coordinate different tableware, and do you not turn feeling into rainy day, dining table that scenery from window is gray-like? Impression of table changes completely and can taste bright atmosphere in contrast with the sky.

Recommendation of lifestyle Shops "LIVETART" of COREDO Muromachi 3 was made in the image of haze; blow; container of glass, kasumi series. Warm hue different from transparent glass enhances beauty such as cold pasta, salad, dessert. There are type and flat dish type with depth and offers all big things and small things 2 size, KOLOR three colors (ivory, gray, purple).

For accent of coordinates, how about chopstick rest of motif associated in season? Similarly, in the COREDO Muromachi 3 "Nihonbashi chopsticks head", we have good chopstick rest at hydrangea, frog of Kiyomizu ware, Tsugaru biidoronado, time of the rainy season. As both material and form are full of variety as for the chopstick rest, and there is presence even if small, to decorate seems to come to the entrances as seasonal interior.

How about by coordinating dining table with unusual tableware, enjoying day of the rainy season?

COREDO Muromachi 3 2F


We are not seized with established concept,
We suggest life to color wealthily beautifully

Coined word that combined LIVET (life) and ART (art) of Norwegian with "LIVETART." Lifestyle brand for sensitive adult with item which felt handwork that we collected from not only all of japan but also all the countries of the world. It passed through filter of fashion and, mainly on fashion, selected "thing about life miscellaneous goods, art, cosmetics, life such as meal valuable in true meaning not to change after time either".

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COREDO Muromachi 3 2F


Japanese folkcraft
Ultimate chopsticks which craftsman produces

High quality chopsticks which craftsman handcrafted as for by one using tree and lacquer are right Japanese tradition crafts with simply because "they use every day discerning chopsticks". Chopsticks which have "we carry" varying functionality "to save" "to cut" other than "we pick up". We want to have discerning chopsticks simply because it is Japanese. From chopsticks, container which selected carefully from each places of the whole country, special dish correct suddenly should be surely found in your handle.

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