Is plum power in the rainy season; refreshingly!

It has theory which it has and time when plum grows coming at the same time to call the long rain of June "the rainy season". It is the current time that we make umeshu and pickled plum. It is said that ingredient laying groundwork for sourness of plum is effective in relieving fatigue and health maintenance. At time of the rainy season, would you like to be refreshed by menu of plum?

You can eat original plum menu with it is Chinese restaurant "Mei mei" (meimei) of Akasaka biz tower. Unique drink that "plum beer" using plum syrup had topping of connection. Sour-sweetness of plum syrup fuses with bitterness of beer, and it is good light beer cocktail between meals.
In addition, summer-limited "pork shabu-shabu plum cold noodle" is cold noodle of just like salad that picked up potherb and pork shabu-shabu on plum gelee which we fully used ume flesh for. Frank taste of moderate acidity lets you forget humidity.

If we talk with friend not to be able to employ of mind while enjoying refreshing plum menu,
On day when it rains, feeling seems to become blue sky clearly.

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Mei mei

Chinese restaurant where abundant menu is even on

Including popular handmade dim sum including xiaolongbao and gyoza, menu which is rich to lighthearted single dishes such as noodles, rice, deluxe sharkfin noodles and proud prawns crab dishes is prepared Chinese restaurant. Atmosphere that the shop of retro interior to hark back to good old Shanghai is relaxing. It is available from casual lunch in course dishes, various scenes including banquet, party.

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