Ask bride of June for prolonged happiness

June bride to be able to find happiness for a long time. There may be many people who are looking for present to people reaching wedding ceremony in June.
It is manner of gift-giving that is interested when we choose wedding present. For example, <divisible> we avoided even set, and it is said that it is passable, but item of two one set letting you image couple harmony can be pleased even with even number including couple chopsticks. How about life miscellaneous goods of pair which you can use for two amicably every day?

Tumbler made of titanium of vacuum dual structure of COREDO Muromachi 3 "SUSgallery" is good product for wedding present. <it does not become cold and is not broken and is not broken> Called this is very lucky; is characteristic, and the outside is hard to become hot, and can have even if pour boiling water without cold drink getting wet with dew condensation. Tumbler utilized high Japanese craftsmen technology seems to be chosen as souvenir for world VIP.

In addition, in COREDO Nihonbashi "FABRIC'S", we choose thing you like from cloth miscellaneous goods directing barefoot, comfortable slippers, happy days including towel of good-quality long pile and can put together for presents. Bedclothing cover which prepared Liberty print in original broadcloth place has presence of mind and activeness and is recommended to newly-married home of adult.

Present which we chose with warm feeling in hope of happiness of newly-married couple
He/she may color life of two in the future brightly.

COREDO Muromachi 3 2F


The world accepted
Japanese tableware

Lifestyleware brand known as "vacuum titanium cup" chosen as presentation to each chief of state brain in APEC2010. Product which sensitivity of creator meets craftsmanship of Niigata known as high metalwork technology, and was created is superior in utility such as thermal insulation, cold storage, and design is high, too and is supported in every generation. It is chance conflicting with quality to boast of to the world made in Japan.

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COREDO Nihonbashi 3F


We were particular about fabric
Store specializing in interior items

Interior Shops which attracted various fabric items under the theme of "let's change room". Using dough which purchased from all parts of the world, built up carefully in the company factory; cover, and curtains are prepared abundantly. In addition, it is lineup at price that kitchen items such as tableware or glass are just right for.

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