We refresh feeling in fresh herb tea

It begins in the Golden Week, and there may be much which has been chased by both private and work in plan this month. When busy time continues and has begun to feel some fatigue, we do change in herb tea and?

Popular menu of Akasaka Biz tower "Aoyama Flower Market TEA HOUSE", fresh herb tea fully use raw mint shipped directly by organic farming herb garden shimotafamu of Ibaraki. When we want to refresh feeling, refreshing flavor that blended mint, remombamu, rosemary is good. Please enjoy with sweets and set of flower including seasonal flower parfait and flower french toast.

The shop adjacent to Flower Shop is full of green. Arrangement of the weekly flower is pretty, too and we are just looking and are healed. In space that can be refreshed for taste and sight, please heal everyday fatigue♪

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Aoyama Flower Market TEA HOUSE

While feeling flower and green
Cafe which can be relaxed

3 size shop of cafe which "Aoyama Flower Market" runs. We can enjoy meal, drink using vegetables and herb which are fresh in space that made greenhouse wrapped in green and flower concept. In seasonal flower and space among Green arranged every week in rotation, please spend spiritually rich time.

Detailed information of store is this