Egg dishes that the professional skill shines

"Day of egg dishes" when all-Japan good thing meeting to promote established on May 22. Nice ring of 05 (egg) and 22 (chicken) seems to be origin. As for the cooking saying, "it is profound as egg dishes are simple" to professional. Egg dishes may be the best to know individuality of shop.

Spanish standard egg dishes, Spanish omelet "are menus of popularity Akasaka Biz tower in MODERN Catalan SPANISH "BIKiNi". Wrap up confit of potato, onion which fried indulgently with egg, and the outside is fragrant, in the inside, is airy; is soft-boiled! Please put ant cage sauce which let garlic work in this shop. Though it is heavy, it is easy to eat and is one article that is good to snacks.

In addition, he/she recommends wine which manager with sommelier qualification added and dishes in this shop. In this evening of "day of egg dishes", let's toast with Spanish omelet and Spanish wine♪

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Real modern Spanish food
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The leading person of the Spanish food human world, Spanish restaurant of the Mr. joseppu baraona biniesu supervision. Course dishes which evolved traditional dish of Spain catarrh near district including paella and tapa in contemporary style and a la carte to be able to enjoy casually are richness. We are divided into Restaurants space taking seat and BALS pace in shop and are convenient when we want to drink lightly.

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