Have green power!

Summer approached, and green of trees became slightly bright. As for the current season, you have abundant green vegetables and can enjoy various green with dishes. Green pigment making nutrition with photosynthesis provides antioxidation and can expect effect to keep health and youth. Do you not feel green power in early summer?

You can eat "vegetable garden-style genovese PIZZA" where you fully used vegetables of Shikoku direct shipment for in COREDO Muromachi 2 "SHIKOKU bal 88 shop" to be able to have season of Shikoku on with Japanese and Western styles. It is this shop Nara that can enjoy "we drink three kinds of local sake of Shikoku and compete" while having pizza. Besides, you can enjoy seared bonito of specialty of Tosa, taste of Shikoku including roasted Ehime sweet fatty tuna pork pork.

Please have dishes becoming not only taste of Shikoku but also power.

COREDO Muromachi 2 2F


Of treasure house, Shikoku of ingredients
We gather "delicious things" in one place

"Visiting Shikoku noumaimon 88" is sum bal of concept. We provide ingredients of the sea, mountain, river of Shikoku said to be treasure house of ingredients casually. Other than course dishes of selectable three kinds, as for a la carte menu, retisserie of Awa tail chicken of Tokushima, seared salt of skipjack of Kochi using fresh skipjack, menu including carpaccio of mandarin orange sea bream of Ehime are enhancement. We can taste specially made drink using SHIKOKU citrus fruit, too.

Detailed information of store is this