That tapioca once again!

How many time was it that everybody ate tapioca for the first time?
It is the 1990s that tapioca became boom for the first time. There may be much which remembers the youth when 40 generations or more people look at tapioca.

Do you know that tapioca popular in old days is all the rage among girls again now?
Is one of the reasons of popular revival with SNS brilliancy?
Does everybody not remember good old taste, too?

Iidabashi Sakura Terrace "Chun Shui Tang" is shop of tapioca tea with milk origin. Main store is in Taiwan, and it is with opening that topping did tapioca by chance in 1987. Long-standing popular secret is taste of tea. That, in offering drink with original tea leaves, there is rule only employee who passed test of "tea Meister" in the company. It is even feelings!

You look at cherry tree with early leaves, and, in anything and busy spring, would you like to take a break while drinking delicious tapioca tea with milk?♪

Iidabashi Sakura Terrace 2F

Chun Shui Tang

Tapioca tea with milk origin
Cafe specialized in Taiwanese tea

Cafe proud of national popularity in Taiwan. It is famous as the tapioca tea with milk birthplace. We introduce "tea master authorization system", and drink to make all with additive-free tea leaves, materials of fragrance nonuse can thoroughly enjoy natural taste. We can enjoy combination of noodles and light meal, sweets and arrangement tea which are full of variety.

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