Maturity of Heisei "itameshi"

Heisei was left a little less than one month, too. Appearing in program looking back toward Heisei well "itameshi." It was raging to date in Italian Restaurants in the early period of Heisei, but Italian is loved now in generation when Japan is wide.

Restaurants which company of imported food that Iidabashi Sakura Terrace "rukkorina" supported Italian popularity of Heisei runs. Dishes which we used high-quality olive oil of the company handling for abundantly are taste deluxe all. For direct import, you can enjoy at conscientious price. Parma-producing ham of the "sun two lah" company can eat high-quality Italian wine such as "baroro" "BARBA Lescot" at surprising price, too.

If find favorite wine and olive oil, is Shops in shop by all means; the purchase. You can enjoy "itameshi" in house‚ô™

Iidabashi Sakura Terrace 2F


Genuine Italy for daily life
The importer's first shop

It is Italian food and shop of wine which importer, Hikarigaoka interest product provides. High quality ingredients and wine which face of producer where we take a trip to various parts of Italy and met looks like. We send seasonal "genuine Italy" to spin memory of trip. We add seat at a table, counter seat, Bath pace, product sales space in shop. Through meal, we help with the making of rich daily life of customer.

Detailed information of store is this