Cherry blossom viewing that is comfortable in indoor!

When it is the end of March, photographs of cherry blossom viewing increase in SNS.
That history of Hanami of Japan was old, and peaceful noble saw cherry blossoms, too.

General public come to enjoy in the Edo era, too,
Cherry blossom viewing famous place of Edo remains to various ukiyoe prints.

A lot of famous spots of cherry blossom viewing are still in Tokyo. In Iidabashi Sakura Terrace located along one, outer moat, row of cherry blossom trees stretching out branch is seen in surface of a river from window of cafe and Restaurants and can enjoy cherry blossom viewing relaxedly at chilly night!

In "royal garden cafe" which is popular among wide generations, we offer "PREMIUM course" only for cherry blossoms season toward more than three groups. It is all advantageous courses where free drink was bundled to eight dishes where we collected surloin steak, popular menus including carpaccio of seafood (reservation required, two hours system). Interior of North European taste is comfortable for any generation and is recommended to girls-only gathering of adult♪

It is Iidabashi Sakura Terrace by all means in this spring!

Iidabashi Sakura Terrace 2F

Royal Garden Cafe

With seasonal vegetables which are full of color
Various foods menus

We offer hospitality with delicious dishes to body mainly on vegetables kindly. In comfortable shop using furniture of old materials and reuse, there is the big table to be able to enjoy in group and prepares between the sky corresponding to use and style. It is available in every scene including birthday party and social gathering.

Detailed information of store is this