As for the Nihonbashi, cherry blossoms are in full bloom!

Advance line of cherry blossoms neared Kanto. May there be many people planning cherry blossom viewing? Style to enjoy eating and drinking with beautiful cherry blossoms is culture only in Japan!

In Nihonbashi area sending charm of Japan for the world, held in "Nihonbashi cherry blossoms Festival 2019 - connection, spreading Nihonbashi, Yaesu, Kyobashi ..." until Sunday, April 7. In space where COREDO Muromachi, Fukutoku Garden is fantastic by digital art "The Tree of Light light cherry blossoms" (tomoshizakura) of cherry blossoms. In addition, with "cherry blossoms carpet" of approach to a shrine of happiness and prosperity Shinto shrine, oneself has a heated; can have a mysterious experience!

In the middle of walk while we look at cherry blossoms, how about gourmet feeling cherry blossoms?
COREDO Muromachi is "it is Nihonbashi, and place becomes" and provides "spring soup stock chazuke low dining table" which we put cherry blossoms on only in event period. With flavor, sakura shrimp and pink gorgeous hue of cherry blossoms let you feel spring.

We cannot miss cherry blossoms sweets in the COREDO Muromachi era, too.
In sweetness tea shop of "TSURUYA YOSHINOBU", we provide "cherry blossoms anmitsu" until around the middle of April. Cherry blossoms mitsudeitadaku sweets fill mouth with flavor of cherry blossoms in white balls which they kneaded ice that cherry blossoms are fragrant, leaf of cherry blossoms into.

During event period, shop of Nihonbashi area has menu, goods with "cherry blossoms" as motif. Please enjoy cherry blossom viewing by gourmet and shopping♪

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We taste profundity of getting out dried bonito
The sum dining

The sum dining of a bowl of soup and three side dishes-style. "We leave gi menu" which added Western-style soup stock to "kotengi menu" of taste to be relieved at with nostalgia utilized taste of getting out dried bonito and dried bonito soup stock, it is always offer with in total several kinds. We can thoroughly enjoy tasteful dishes which repeated ingredients dakusan soup and soup stock mixed rice, inventive ideas including seasonal side dish. By select that we matched with feeling and the scene, we can taste charm of soup stock.

Detailed information of store is this

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It is over founding 200 years
Well-established Japanese confectionery restaurant of Kyoto

Kyoto Kanze school that expressed citron-flavored rice cake and pattern of volution which we made use of flavor of citron founded in Kyoto in 1803 in is long-established store Japanese confectionery shop of representative famous confection. In Tokyo store, cake craftsman shows the skill in front and gains space that can thoroughly enjoy Matcha and cake. We prepare for standard anmitsu and Shokado lunch of Kyoto sputum bear north store, limited sweets menu in sweetness tea shop. We can enjoy shopping and tea break in relaxation space of Shops and the sum cafe.

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