Banquet of Saturday and Sunday is Kasumigaseki

Season when we give celebration and are given.
That we sent "family celebration" to person whom you gave celebration in return, family celebration originally meant banquet to perform only in relatives.

Distinction between banquet of relative seems to have been necessary in old days as we invited people in the town block to official banquet. When there is auspicious event in the workplace in the present age, separately from official party, we open banquet only in good friends.

Shop which we want to recommend to such a private banquet is real Chinese Restaurants "Chinese food chin sum Land" of KASUMI DINING. We are ready for various courses, and, by meeting of the new members plan of both families ahead of marriage, head tsukiga of sea bream is very popular. In sea bream which it was sultry, please hang sauce of Hong Kong soy sauce. Indispensable big peach steamed bun adds pleasant memory in celebration of China on important day.

In little-known spot that weekdays are Kasumigaseki full of people working in neighborhood, but can enjoy view of the downtown area calmly on Saturday and Sunday. Please take advantage of Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays casually in all 20% of courses becoming off from March♪


Restaurant Iwaen China Garden

Kasumigaseki is largest! We OK banquet to 60 people
Full-scale Sichuan, fusion cooking of Shanghai

At price that fuse with Sichuan dishes and Shanghai dishes having eight taste of acid, *, pain, *, hemp, *, incense, sen that is correct in Japanese taste, and is reasonable traditional dish and nouvelle chinois certainly. Including specialty *々men and Sichuan mapo tofu, we can enjoy taste only in long-established store of Sichuan dishes by course dishes and banquet cooking. There are complete private room five rooms of up to 60 people, too.

Detailed information of store is this