We celebrate by food of fine weather

In Japanese life, there is culture where "day of fine weather" (fine weather) when non-daily events such as ceremonial occasion are carried out and other daily life divide "day of *" (ke) into.

Special thing is prepared for food to wear special "gorgeous kimono" on day of fine weather.
How about shop to be able to have food of fine weather on for special dinner in celebration of happy event of family and friend?

"Japanese dishes, horse liquor gabled and hipped roof" of Gin the glace is Japanese dishes shop of complete private room which featured the theme of early Classic Hotel of the Showa era. In meeting of celebration, luxurious banquet dishes course "Orchis graminifolia" with lucky Ise lobster as main is recommendation. It is full of food of fine weather definitely if we attach "grilled whole fish" of red sea bream of lucky charm or "figure structure". You can spend meeting of gorgeous celebration.

We have direction appropriate for that advise when we convey purpose of meeting including meeting of the new members of both families ahead of long-lived celebration, marriage in the case of application.

Please spend meeting of celebration appropriate for day of fine weather in "Japanese dishes, horse liquor gabled and hipped roof"♪

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Japanese Food and Sake IRIMOYA

Classic Hotel of Showa is theme
Real Japanese dishes to enjoy in complete private room

"Gabled and hipped roof" We ever named this from "building of gable-and-hip style" which was architecture of solid, grand roof used as roof of Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine. Complete private room which featured the theme of Classic Hotel from the early days of the Showa era is all 20 rooms from two people to 34 people. We offer hospitality in dishes which were particular about the subject matter and shochu and local sake having a large selection and good-quality Services.

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