Spring comes from young sake in Japan

There are only 2 months left in Heisei, too. You taste "young sake" of sake, and, with the arrival of the new name of an era, do you not celebrate coming of spring?

As for the liquor which we fitted with rice which we harvested in last autumn, shipment begins from winter to spring. Liquor of this time hits nouveau to say with wine. Fresh youthfulness is charm only for this time. Please try various young sake including foaming sake that fruity type and appearance that are easy to drink to woman are stylish.

Of COREDO Nihonbashi "tempura fish newly" of deha, the whole country order sake from discerning storehouse. "We arouse, and, in late February, fresh pure sake which we made after an interval of seven years is going to be received person nine flat next" popular brand. Bud and butterbur sprout of cod letting you feel coming of spring, more delicious oyster have just begun, but please enjoy seasonal taste including seasonal clams and affinity of seasonally limited pure sake.

Private room which craftsman fries in front is recommended to reception and meeting of families.

COREDO Nihonbashi 4F

Tempra Uoshin

Seasonal fresh seafood tempura
In sky soup or Haiyan where stock worked

Store specializing in tempura which lasted 25 years in Roppongi moves to COREDO Nihonbashi. "Fish the no origin is use only with the first grade product that fishery products of the material had realized for longtime discerning eye in fresh fish shop founded in Akasaka in 1890 newly". Please run Haiyan that dried the sky soup or seawater that stock heard deep-fried length in the sun. "The sky rose" to break kakiage, and to eat is recommended.

Detailed information of store is this