The last My chocolate in the Heisei period!

We changed on Valentine's Day during the Heisei period!
Is it these past around 20 years that "friend chocolate" between girls was commonly used other than "justice chocolate" to give co-worker "favorite chocolate" to give favorite person?
Furthermore, in late years as for "reversely chocolate" from "famichoko" between families and man.

What also expand market secretly "my chocolate" for oneself. It is easy to challenge unexperienced taste if for oneself and can enjoy the world of sweets widely.

As for the person liking gorgeous thing, how about "citron peel chocolate" of COREDO Muromachi 1 "HAKUZA NIHONBASHI?" We can enjoy mariaju of smooth chocolate which we put grand flavor and gold leaf of citron of the highest quality on with collaboration product with Seijo 凮 moon temple. Is polygonum filiforme lapping good to reward to oneself beautifully, too? So that as it is product until early March for a limited time, the purchase hastens.

When we want to take a break for good old taste, "chocolate gakekempi" of COREDO Muromachi 2 "potato Jiro Yagane" is recommended. We have bare deep frying of koganesengan which domestic contract farmers cultivated, and write discerning chocolate which we choose and pulled out of world production center and prepare to sweets loved to anyone. In addition, during Valentine period, we send with tag of Valentine specifications unlike photograph!

Product of limitation equals Japanese confectionery at this time, and just hand grows. Pole thing of half size that the pretty yokan "palpitation" of COREDO Muromachi "TSURUYA YOSHINOBU" put form of Haat to deep red yokan. Slice seems to be throbbing to cute Haat with knife whenever we cut.
As it is limited sale until Thursday, February 14, to hasten this!

This period when a lot of products only by Valentine appear. We will let many pretty sweets make heart excited♪

COREDO Muromachi 1 1F


We convey foil original power and beauty
Store specializing in gold leaf of Kanazawa

Store specializing in gold leaf "foil seat" of Kanazawa making use of traditional gold leaf in now is appearance in Nihonbashi that there was the Shogunate engine controlling gold silver foil in the Edo era. We advocate "tradition and innovation" in concept and, in container, cosmetics, sweets using original pure gold platinum foil, a wide variety of lines of products including fashion, convey charm of foil. The bodily sensation space "golden heavens" of gold leaf to give life to craftsmanship are must-see.

Detailed information of store is this

COREDO Muromachi 2 1F

Nihonbashi Imoyakinjiro

We were particular about potato and made,
Higher-grade sweet potato chips

Specialty store which handles sweet potato, potato cake including soft serve including sweet potato chips. Traditional natural foods that "sweet potato chips" does not use additive and synthetic sweetener at all and makes only with domestic potato and sugar and oil. We are particular about taste and kind, cultivation method of potato thoroughly. We are particular about production in shop and add studio. We can taste true taste of freshly-fried fresh sweet potato chips.

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COREDO Muromachi 3 1F


It is over founding 200 years
Well-established Japanese confectionery restaurant of Kyoto

Kyoto Kanze school that expressed citron-flavored rice cake and pattern of volution which we made use of flavor of citron founded in Kyoto in 1803 in is long-established store Japanese confectionery shop of representative famous confection. In Tokyo store, cake craftsman shows the skill in front and gains space that can thoroughly enjoy Matcha and cake. We prepare for standard anmitsu and Shokado lunch of Kyoto sputum bear north store, limited sweets menu in sweetness tea shop. We can enjoy shopping and tea break in relaxation space of Shops and the sum cafe.

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