Happiness time when chocolate forms

Valentine's Day approaches, and town is full of chocolate.
Does it know that there is reason scientifically that we love chocolate?

It is thought that raw materials of chocolate, ingredient laying groundwork for bitterness of cacao increase hormone in brain related to healing of feeling of happiness and heart. Furthermore, that this ingredient has work to promote bloodstream.

It may be reason to come to like chocolate that is effective against both heart and body.

In GINZA TRECIOUS "SUZU CAFE", we offer sweets using chocolate which is good to Valentine.

Furthermore, "gift drink to send to important person" comes up for the first time during Valentine period of this year. Tiramisu latte and parts of the decorations are sent when we order and, for important person, can complete original drink♪

Do you not make memory with important person with original drink which is kind to both heart and body?



With bell
Menu of chef specialite de la maison

"In cafe-style which is new in lifestyle of people" is cafe of concept. Space that sunlight comes in abundantly, and was surrounded by gentle light is right atmosphere such as society ground of adult. Dishes which French chef from creates are full of sense of fun and ideas. It is new encounter, such a cafe with discovery whenever it comes.

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