We enjoy winter noted product, fire pan!

Days yearning for food served in a pot seem to continue on calendar still more in spring soon.
In what variety is wide as for the food served in a pot, and eat pan using discerning ingredients and ... including rare food served in a pot, various types of pans of each place, and is compared only by winter is a pleasure‚ô™

"Fire pan" of COREDO Nihonbashi "bankoden" used ingredients which were good for health for soup, is, so to speak, Chinese medicine hotpot. Fruits of jujube and matrimony vine enter Guangdong-style white soup, and taste easy for is characteristic. As for the Sichuan-style red soup using ginseng, Codonopsis lanceolata, it is taste of shop feelings to feel sweetness in hotness. We put pork, mutton, favorite ingredients including vegetables in these two kinds of soup and have like shabu-shabu. We can enjoy fire pan warming from core of body!

That we make family tie strong around fire pan with family in China in the Lunar New Year.
Does everybody not surround fire pan with family and friend, too?

COREDO Nihonbashi 4F


Please appreciate homemade peking duck and small dragon parcel!

All the dim sum Yum cha to provide in bankoden is homemade. What is least torn even if a lot of soup skin of saltiness is thin as for the popular small dragon parcel features in our restaurant.
We handle duck that peking duck was baked in a few home brews in Japan in front of the customer.
Please use for reception, reception, important customer including meeting of the new members.

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