We give feeling to congratulate the New Year

When Christmas is over, it is New Year holidays immediately.
If he/she is looking for item appropriate for feeling to celebrate the New Year to attach to greetings of New Year holidays,
Do you not go to visit in the COREDO Muromachi era when shops inheriting culture of the sum gather?

If choose standard towel of New Year's greetings, of store specializing in naturalism cosmetics "cosmètics makanai"
How about "Japanese paper towel" made from conifer?
It is given glory by symbol of auspicious event, bowknot of red string and suits gaiety of the New Year well.

"The sexagenary cycle dishcloth" of "Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten" is recommended to New Year's greetings in connection with the sexagenary cycle.
We embroider wild boar for the top with face said to lead people to good direction,
Furthermore, we treat plum which is good-luck symbol and power up good point of luck.

Besides, as New Year's greetings pleased with, "KAYANOYA additive-free seasoning "KAYANOYA soup stock" is recommended.
Gift box that big Japanese yen is impressive is good for gift-giving of the New Year.

One of the culture where Japan is wonderful as for the New Year's greetings to report joy of the New Year with small present.
We want to value from now on!

COREDO Muromachi 3 3F

Cosmètics makanai

It is most suitable for present
The sum cosmetics derived from natural material

Shop of new idea with "beautiful consideration that we gave." "the sum cosmetics" for as concept. He/she wraps cosmetics which are kind to skin by natural material of the sum by "topping packing available this and that". Besides, as for Nihonbashi shop-limited gift sets. Hand care product to become "hand beautiful woman" including "hand cream of exquisite recipe" of popularity No. 1 is fulfilling. About beauty and care of hand skin, you can get fine advice.

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COREDO Muromachi 3 2F

Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten

It is functional and is beautiful
"Tool of living"

We value quality and feelings in thought of taking a lesson from the past only in long-established store with history of 300 years in the root and have many of functional, beautiful "tool of living" which came from house, life. Not only we say that it is merely practical as tool, but also use and value comfortable thing, that attachment is brought up to thing which there is by continuing using.

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COREDO Muromachi 3 1F


Of natural foods Restaurants
It is home with "soup stock", but

The sum glossary of the natural foods Restaurants "KAYANOYA" of Fukuoka having the origin in soy sauce storehouse chef supervision. Including convenient "KAYANOYA soup stock", we sell seasoning of chemical seasoning, preservatives no addition. A lot of soy seasoned with grated Japanese pepper, COREDO Muromachi shop including seaweed soy sauce-limited products develop, too. Architect, Kengo Kuma who dealt with new Kabuki-Za is in charge of store design. We can examine products closely in atmosphere full of traditions that soy sauce storehouse was expressed.

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