Does Santa still come?

How old was it until that Santa came to house?
If we go up stairs of adult, and Santa does not come,
It is wonderful between families and friends like Europe and America to change present.
Stylish Shops and cafes gather this year,
Do illuminations not look for present in very beautiful Akasaka, too?

We are popular in Akasaka Biz tower "COMPLETE WORKS TOKYO"
Muffler (all nine colors) of washable cashmere is good to present to important person.
Muffler of warm color system is recommended as one point of winter coordinates that gray and black increase.

To work friend and friend of Akasaka Biz tower "IT'S DEMO"
How about very pretty "Santa Claus cubic rice crackers?"
In mark of thanks slight as for the petit gift that Santa lines up in a good manner,
Entering Obukuro of party heap up, and seem to play an active part as position.

Become wonderful Christmas for all of you!

Akasaka Biz tower SHOPS&DINING 1F


Functionality, fashionability
Men's shop which we had

Select Shops of men's fashion parts which prepared item of good quality in basic not to depend on trend from import to domestic brand. It is assortment of goods which sincerely satisfies man having feelings toward bag, hat, own belonging including accessories. It is recommended to woman seeking men's gifts.

Detailed information of store is this

Akasaka Biz tower SHOPS&DINING 1F


Style improves daily life
Fashion variety select Shops

It is fashion variety select Shops which working woman suggests products and Services which want to drop in at returning in the morning to in keyword in "we are spared happiness is smart a little a little anytime, slightly". Item which I come to want and item which can feel we are just looking, and happy are prepared unintentionally.

Detailed information of store is this