Speaking of menu of Christmas?

Speaking of standard of Christmas menu, it is chicken in Japan,
Traditional feast of each country equals European and American Christmas dinner.
For example, is the United States; "roast turkey" in the U.K. "mince pie,"
And "foie gras" seems to be iron plate of Christmas in France.

French which is popular for Japanese Christmas dinner! In that
Speaking of shop to be able to have foie gras on deliciously,
French grilled Ginza Velvia-kan "ahill" (duck).
Christmas course is full of French feasts.
Good-quality ground meat and foie gras
It is mellow, and hamburger steak with drawing card menu foie gras of harmonizing ahill is eatable!
Counter seat is actually ringside that can look at state of cooking close♪
Please enjoy special Christmas dinner in ringside!

As Christmas course is Saturday, December 22 - 25 Tuesday limitation, making a reservation takes early.

Ginza Velvia-kan 8F


Flavor and real sound to stimulate appetite
Grilling foods on an iron plate French to taste with the five senses

Grilling foods on an iron plate French shop of Nishiazabu where "toddlinging duck" was named with thought to "swan which flapped the wings to sky" someday. Discerning style to be able to enjoy with Gokan cooking ingredients that chef selected carefully using big iron plate spreading on counter. We can enjoy meal in deluxe space in pursuit of soft atmosphere and coziness.

Detailed information of store is this