Where is dinner of Christmas?

Christmas is finally imminent, too, did you decide Christmas dinner of this year already?
It seems to be common in Europe and America to surround dinner of Christmas with family in house,
Restaurants preparing for various Christmas-limited menus increases in Japan,
Let alone family until friends and couple and girls-only gathering,
We can enjoy style of various Christmas dinners.

At "bistro Ishikawa bower" of Ginza Velvia-kan, it is period of - 25 Tuesday on Saturday, December 22
[Christmas girls-only gathering course] We offer this.※
To loti others of duck breast, dishes three dishes like Christmas and dessert
Course where free drink such as wine or cocktail was bundled,
It is good to Christmas dinner to spend with important person slowly.

Do you not spend wonderful Christmas with important person with wonderful dishes?

※We guide in particular in course only on 12/24 Monday (holiday).

Ginza Velvia-kan 8F

Bistro Ishikawatei

We are proud of taste and the volume
Bistro shop so popular that there are always lines

We are particular about recipe and provide the volume dishes which there is in concept in "we want you to eat stomach with dishes not to be able to taste a lot at home". Please appreciate "hamburg demiglace sauce of beef, pork, spring cabbage" which is drawing card menu by all means.

Detailed information of store is this