We fully play in long autumnal night!

That a certain friend already finished year-end party with old friends.
As official events increase at the end of the year
The current time may be easy to gather in private!

On day when we want to play with friend slowly, it is open until 5:00 a.m. on weekdays, Saturday
Would you like to gather in Ginza bell beer "bagusu?"
Other than dart, billiards, there are simulation golf and karaoke in private room, too!
Ginza store where space has to spare by fashion is recommended to adult.

Fully laugh with deepening autumn night, friends
Let's charge energy for the end of the year well!

Ginza Velvia-kan B1

THE BAGUS PLACE Luxury Complex

We establish dart and golf!
Compound entertainment space

Deluxe place of adult that dart and simulation golf, karaoke, real dining fused is born. Three amusement floors to be able to enjoy luxury the shop appropriate for Ginza and play of adult. Real Italian dining which contracted chef also shows the skill to. We provide amusement place of Ginza that we cannot imitate in others.

Detailed information of store is this