In Nihonbashi of Indian summer walk

That "happiness and prosperity Shinto shrine" next to COREDO Muromachi has benefit in public lottery.
Person who aims at big hit in year-end public lottery by way of walk of Indian summer
Please come in the Muromachi era!

To sweets taking a walk of store specializing in praline "kono.mi" of COREDO Muromachi
Fragrant soft serve "praline glace" which milk and almond harmonized with.
Own house roasts high-quality nuts carefully,
Praline which did kyaramerize with brown sugar is had topping of,
We can enjoy two contrastive textures. Praline hides inside of corn!

If slight change of mind becomes vacant, "small oshi-zushi of conger eel" recommends COREDO Muromachi shop of store specializing in conger eel "ball i"-limited product!
From simplicity that we can purchase from one in individually wrapping, it is product which is quite popular with souvenirs.
There are four kinds in taste, two kinds of standard and two kinds of seasonal taste.
Refreshing taste that "ginger" of November picked up conger eel with sushi meal which we mixed chopped ginger with is fresh.

As is expected, it is Nihonbashi that can enjoy gourmet by break taking a walk!

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Expert of nuts makes

Store specializing in praline by beans confectionary founded in 1945. Praline is French traditional cake which kyaramerize made nuts which we roasted, and original articles which gave arrangement to orthodox recipe line up. Slightly bitter sweetness of nice smell and caramel of nuts becomes habit, and, one, one and way grow again. To gift of the scene that is special for attendant of teatime.

Detailed information of store is this

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nihonbashi tamai

It is suitable for "present of Nihonbashi"
Store specializing in conger eel dishes to be able to make takeout into

Store specializing in conger eel dishes unfolding mainly on Nihonbashi. Using conger eel which selected carefully, tempura, fried conger eel, stewed conger eel, conger eel chirashi-sushi provide conger eel dishes, limited menu that classic taste and seasonal flavor are felt widely. COREDO Muromachi shop for takeout in particular have a large selection, and of course can enjoy conger eel dishes for present from Nihonbashi casually at home.

Detailed information of store is this