Autumn silver Bra which "shines"

Construction Ginza where shopwindow is a lot gorgeous that is art,
It is good to walk while we look for photogenic spot.
"SNS shines", and is drink when we draw breath nikodawattemiteha?

We are popular hospitality such as Italian bar and full-scale taste
With Ginza Velvia-kan "bar Dell SOLE" to cappuccino of the use in shop
Barista describes pretty painting!

Barista who can describe delicate painting,
Of espresso and steam milk that pour, and is different from.

For store's name, cup for takeout which the sun was described in is photogenic♪

Ginza Velvia-kan 1F

GINZA 2Due Bar Delsole

Bar of home Italy to Japan
The pioneer Ginza first shop of bar

The pioneer "Dell SOLE" of bar catching hot support from Italy Ginza first shop. As Italian craftsman, successor of food culture, we create Ginza-style of smart adult. Shop with product which can satisfy needs depending on rhythm of life of customer anytime. We can enjoy various foods and wine, cafes, gelato, dolci through day.

Detailed information of store is this