With grip well-established with saury of big catch

This year saury good news called big catch.
Saury is representative status of popular fish,
Seasonal saury sashimi is taste not to yield to high-quality fish either!

With it is long-established store which is easy to enter alone for women, GINZA TRECIOUS "Sushi Ginza Fukusuke Main Store"
We have you make saury of fatty Nemuro from consistency.
How about person to be unexperienced trying raw saury by all means?
Return gatsuo other "five kinds of sashimi assortment" fatty with "autumn taste course,"
We can fully enjoy cooking such as "chawanmushi with matsutake mushroom".

Both saury and bonito have abundant ingredients preventing aging.
When you have positively this autumn to keep young Satomi?


Sushi Ginza Fukusuke

Of the fresh fish wholesale dealer direct management
We taste real Edo-style sushi

It is fresh fish wholesale dealer shop Nara that always keeps in fresh story that we are particular about season and production center and were selected carefully 50 kinds or more. We prepare from course dishes to single dish abundantly and provide genuine taste to do not spare trouble. In space of the good-quality sum based on tree, stone, green on expensive ceiling with open feeling, it is shop which "gives life", and can thoroughly enjoy the to "best" of in earnest Edo-style sushi.

Detailed information of store is this