Small demon who colors Halloween

Halloween originally at the end of one year of the Celts
That we celebrated gain and were festival to expel evil.
Place to disguise itself, and to exorcise evil spirits is similar to Setsubun.

Halloween that became autumn charming sights in Japan,
Does adult woman not enjoy with small goods, too?

We line up in "shimpuri" of COREDO Muromachi 3
Halloween doll of co-pipa eggplant is 15 kinds only by pumpkin!
As it is handmade wood carving doll, one point of expression is delicately different.

Similarly, in COREDO Muromachi 3 "Tabio", Halloween is for a limited time
We are carrying out embroidery Services. It usually applies to men's socks,
It is for ladies' socks during period until Wednesday, October 31, too.
Halloween including ghost and black cat-like one point print,
It is recommended to slight present♪

Please spend wonderful Halloween with sense of fun!

COREDO Muromachi 3 3F


Housework becomes fun
Living to spread from apron

New kitchen brand that "Simply" was born in the spring of 2012. It is lineup with apron and simple, functional kitchen goods, original ingredients worn for such a wear sense that housework and dishes become fun. Simple design which we want to use in comfortable material including cotton and linen all the time features apron. Full item that housework becomes fun through meal is must-see.

Detailed information of store is this

COREDO Muromachi 3 3F


Say feeling really, and wear; feeling
Socks of "Made in Japan" quality

Spread "Made in Japan" quality to the whole world through socks. That is underlying thought of premium manufacturing of Tabio. Of the one and only brought about by hand of craftsman who is particular about "handmade sense" from the beginning of founding, and knew everything about material, quality of thread is the best; wear; is realization for feeling. You thoroughly enjoy masterpiece of manufacturing that delicate technique of Japanese craftsmen sent to for the world produces by all means, too.

Detailed information of store is this