In seasonal chestnut, we prevent a cold!

It was season when chestnut was delicious!
Vitamin and mineral-rich chestnut are families of nuts,
We seem to be considered to be ingredients effective in health maintenance in China.

Autumn-limited menu of COREDO Nihonbashi "bankoden" which can taste such a seasonal chestnut,
"Pork ribs meal sparerib and stewed chestnut rice earthenware pot finish"
Stew chestnut and sparerib from true state slowly and carefully,
Very nutritious one article that we put on polished rice with plentiful vegetables.
Heavy taste of su pe aribu matches sweetness of chestnut well.

In addition, including handmade dim sum, we can have careful Chinese cuisine.

This time when heat and cold difference is intense,
How is the prevention of a cold by menu of chestnut?

COREDO Nihonbashi 4F


Please appreciate homemade peking duck and small dragon parcel!

All the dim sum Yum cha to provide in bankoden is homemade. What is least torn even if a lot of soup skin of saltiness is thin as for the popular small dragon parcel features in our restaurant.
We handle duck that peking duck was baked in a few home brews in Japan in front of the customer.
Please use for reception, reception, important customer including meeting of the new members.

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