Dinner tonight with ability, Noh comedy

Autumn of art.
Through traditional arts, do you not mention sense of beauty of the sum with Gokan?

"Water clowning hermitage" in Fukutoku Garden of COREDO Muromachi 2 basement direct connection such as Noh or Noh comedy
Theater type Restaurants to be able to enjoy traditional arts casually.

The first person should be overwhelmed for power of art to sense bodily close, too!
As for Edomae-zushi or the sweetness offered with antique container,
Many hospitality of the sum had a glimpse of affects the five senses pleasantly.

By the way, we are doing business as bar & lounge from 20:30.
How about for long autumnal night to spend between smart adults?

COREDO Muromachi 1 B1

Water clowning hermitage

We enjoy party with caliber whom traditional arts and formality of the stage are high in 
※Store is in Fukutoku Garden B1

Restaurant "water clowning hermitage" (we do) which the world can experience non-every day where we appeared suddenly underground of Jogan noble happiness and prosperity Shrine that record remains as we were enshrined a year (859-876 years). Traditional arts dance in the stage and offer meal and liquor, sweetness with container of period piece of the Edo - Taisho era period. Please experience party of new sense to find in the five senses.
※Store is in Fukutoku Garden B1. In addition, you can enter from COREDO Muromachi 2 B1.

Detailed information of store is this