With reward meat in spirit!

We talk about the lingering summer heat visit.

As reward to oneself who tried this sho - i summer hard,
How about delicious meat?
Protein of meat prevention of irritation
Effective in keeping balance of heart; ask, and is broken.

"STEAK THE FIRST Nihonbashi" of Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower to introduce today,
Shop which rare part "chateaubriand" that only around 600 g are removed from one beef can eat.

It is very soft because it is part that we least often move in body of beef,
It is juicy red meat which fat is not included in that much.
Photograph steak is what 300 g! As it is healthy and is easy to eat,
Woman can eat up in no time, too.

High quality beef which is fragrant, and prints the surface, and the center is rare, and is provided
If, in attached burnt stone, we make favorite doneness and can enter entrance,
That is right mouth fortune! Stress seems to fade away in instant♪

Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower B1


Thursday, March 1 new opening!

Steak restaurant to be able to enjoy steak menu of the volume perfect score casually deliciously in casual space. Provided steak excites appetite by fragrant flavor and sound on iron plate. You intertwine with original sauce, and have. We offer side menu and pizza, drink which we cannot eat abundantly only here. You use properly in various scenes, and please enjoy.

Detailed information of store is this