Was tomato for appreciation?

"Appetite is not good enough recently…"
Such a day is turn of vegetables in the summer!
Above all, we have abundant lycopene acid, and tomato can expect relieving fatigue effect, too.

It is popular tomato all over the world in now,
When we entered Europe at the American continent,
It did not seem that it was edible, and we seemed to be raised for appreciation by real color and flavor.

Therefore we can have tomato deliciously today
Summer standard of "cafe Eymet viberu" of COREDO Muromachi 1,
We introduce "ratatouille".

"Ratatouille" is traditional dish of the France Province district.
One article that was simple, and stewed tomato, eggplant, zucchini,
It is easy to eat on day to have no appetite and can take vitamin well.

Like French stylish madam,
In mariaju with rose of Province Bon-appetit (have)!

COREDO Muromachi 1 1F


Is the same; is old; excellent; come
Paris cafe

It was "to reproduce the same good old Paris cafe in Nihonbashi" that we aimed. We cook really delicious menu which we came across in France heartily. In Nihonbashi which is center of Japanese commerce and culture, please sense genuine taste and space of France bodily.

Detailed information of store is this