Be invited to red Mars

Are you aware of red star shining in night sky recently?

In fact, Mars is reaching closest point to the earth now after an interval of 15 years.
That when Mars is far, we compare and look like size of 5 times.

It is usually Mars which it is hard to see in the downtown area,
We seem to be more likely to be able to see by the naked eye at the current time!

When we enjoy Mars observation in this summer?

Shop where summer night sky looks there like today from terrace seat,
We introduce Akasaka Biz tower "P.C.A. Pub Cardinal Akasaka".

In this Restaurants located at the entrance of Akasaka Sacas,
We can have dishes which chef whom we studied in home Spain shows the skill to for bal sense.
Summer-limited "pepper sauce of four kinds of grills of Iberico pork boston butt"
We have abundant menu including "straight spring roll".

As, on Saturday, is open until late-night 4:00 from Monday, from purple of dusk to late-night blue
We can enjoy various expressions of summer night sky!

Akasaka Biz tower SHOPS&DINING 1F

P.C.A. Pub Cardinal Akasaka

Music and picture and meal weave
Stylish night

Luxury public stage which creates "play" of Tokyo. Many tapa which chef with ascetic practices makes in home Spain features reasonable pricing. Please enjoy wine that sommelier selected carefully and cocktail which expert bartender offers with stylish sound.

Detailed information of store is this