Why is goldfish lucky?

Does everybody have any lucky item?
By feng shui, red and gold are considered to be lucky color.
As fish which causes there good luck in the feng shui birthplace, China,
Breeding of goldfish seemed to become popular.

Besides, pronunciation of "goldfish" of Chinese,
That we resemble "kinyo" meaning that money remains.

Goods with such a lucky goldfish as motif
We assemble in full force in the COREDO Muromachi era!

In store specializing in socks "Tabio", we are selling limitation, goldfish print socks in the summer.
Quite popular product which is sold out before the end every year during period!
Interested person, please do Get early!

In addition, with it is store specializing in chopsticks "Nihonbashi chopsticks length" which Japanese folkcraft craftsmen make
KOLOR has chopstick rest of pretty goldfish of Kyoto ceramic ware abundantly, too.

Summer when it is happy with goldfish goods in this summer♪
Summer feature, << art aquarium >> of Nihonbashi are open, too.

Carry foot by all means!

COREDO Nihonbashi 3F


We were particular about handmade sense
Store specializing in socks of "Made In Japan"

Store specializing in socks that Tabio spreads "Made In Japan" to the whole world. Tights directing step of woman including socks which Japanese craftsmen knit carefully one by one gorgeously ultimate; wear, and have functions system item such as men's socks of feeling, sports use by wide lineup.

Detailed information of store is this

COREDO Muromachi 3 2F


Japanese folkcraft
Ultimate chopsticks which craftsman produces

High quality chopsticks which craftsman handcrafted as for by one using tree and lacquer are right Japanese tradition crafts with simply because "they use every day discerning chopsticks". Chopsticks which have "we carry" varying functionality "to save" "to cut" other than "we pick up". We want to have discerning chopsticks simply because it is Japanese. From chopsticks, container which selected carefully from each places of the whole country, special dish correct suddenly should be surely found in your handle.

Detailed information of store is this