We look cool in goldfishes in summer

When July begins, we feel "almost summer!".
Do one of the summer features, ancestors of goldfish know what kind of fish it is?

Answer is crucian carp.
We assume red variety of crucian carp appreciation use in China from around 3-5 centuries,
We seemed to enter Japan in the Muromachi era.
That, late in the Edo era, goldfishes were all the rage among general public.
Japanese goldfish culture has a long history!

<< art aquarium >> which developed goldfish culture for art in Nihonbashi
It is open until 9/24 Monday (holiday).

After having enjoyed fantastic space where about 8,000 appreciation fish flew,
Looking for this goldfish sweets for a limited time COREDO Muromachi aimlessly.

"Coffee jelly evening no goldfish of money" of store specializing in gold leaf "HAKUZA NIHONBASHI" of Kanazawa,
With long-established store, mikado coffee of Nihonbashi and summer limited product which we made,
It is deluxe jelly to enjoy goldfish of gold leaf for dishes on place you like.

In addition, it is well-established "FUNABASHIYA" from the Edo era,
It releases "aquarium mitsumame" only in COREDO Muromachi shop.
It is pretty mitsumame which goldfish of agar of strawberry taste swims.

Please appreciate goldfish culture of EDO where sweet ... ku evolved!

COREDO Muromachi 1 1F


We convey foil original power and beauty
Store specializing in gold leaf of Kanazawa

Store specializing in gold leaf "foil seat" of Kanazawa making use of traditional gold leaf in now is appearance in Nihonbashi that there was the Shogunate engine controlling gold silver foil in the Edo era. We advocate "tradition and innovation" in concept and, in container, cosmetics, sweets using original pure gold platinum foil, a wide variety of lines of products including fashion, convey charm of foil. The bodily sensation space "golden heavens" of gold leaf to give life to craftsmanship are must-see.

Detailed information of store is this

COREDO Muromachi 1 1F


Discerning taste well-established having been continued since the Edo era
We thoroughly enjoy "waste rice cake"

Shop of waste rice cake founded in Edo, 1805. Fermented food of the Japanese confectionery one and only that waste rice cake of exquisite texture steams wheat starch which let you make lactic fermentation for 15 months and gives. The first generation goes to Tokyo on seeing turnout of Kameido-Tenjin Shrine. Rice cake which cooked using high quality wheat of Shimousa country (North Chiba) which is hometown wins popularity to worshiper, to one of specialty of Edo. Thereafter we examine material closely for "heart of hospitality" and we protect the original manufacturing method and go through feelings.

Detailed information of store is this