Rotary table and attention

"Rotary table" which was placed in table of Chinese restaurant.
In fact, did you know thing when born from the Japanese attention?

When dishes of style were provided in Chinese restaurant among other things, nobody was concerned, and "turn table" seemed to be thought about to be able to serve by each person.
It is what Japanese that suggested!
"Rotary table" was born from warm idea like Japanese who valued heart of the attention and hospitality.

We introduce shop to be able to enjoy real Cantonese dish at seat with such a rotary table today.
Shop where Akasaka Biz tower "Guangdong name greens Ritsuki Akasaka" can enjoy Cantonese dish of refined taste using discerning high-quality ingredients.
Rotary table serves dishes served luxuriously together in prepared private room and can enjoy.
There seems to be special Services cutting peking duck into pieces in front if you can make a reservation beforehand. Seat of meal seems to swell!

Gangs have you serve Cantonese dish with different two taste at "rotary table" casually, too. Please use for a time of family pleasure of home life.

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We make richness and are light
The essence of Cantonese dish here

Chinese Restaurants to be able to enjoy Cantonese dish said to be the most good for your health in four major systems of Chinese food. We provide sharkfin and grilled dish, seafood which we wrote down spice and oil in casually for calmer taste. Please thoroughly enjoy taste of Ritsuki Akasaka relaxedly in tradition and space of adult who fused of modishness.

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