Flower language of hydrangea?

"Hydrangea" to make bloom which is colorful in early summer.
It is flower turning dampness of the rainy season and air which we did refreshingly.

We were kept away from flower language to "be capricious" to present before, but seem to change for flower language, "pleasures of a happy home, end of family are with" recently.

"Figure which small hydrangea gathers together, and blooms suggesting family tie" as for the reason.

Well, we introduce shop where family is good to meal that we gather for flower language of hydrangea today.
Long-established store of the founding 130 remainder year,
GINZA gCUBE is "taste Minami Ginza (ginzaminami) of Matsue".

There is taste such as restaurant inn in the shop, and space where heart softens relievedly spreads out.
In course, we can fully taste appetizer and sashimi, seasonal ingredients of Matsue including grilled dish.

"Taimeshi banquet dishes" to be able to enjoy only in Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are particularly popular and attach the body of sea bream which you did, colorful ingredients to soboro, and please hang specially made stock.
Topic seems to further spread with dinner party of family pleasure of home life, traditional Matsue dishes, too.


Kyodo Matsue no Aji Ginza Minami

Special dish which great writer of Shimane direct shipment loved
We taste more than the times

Minami group with history that many writer artists doing calligraphy came including Toson Shimazaki in business for 120 years. Main store is well-established inn "Minamikan" of Shimane, Matsue facing scenic Lake Shinji. We will provide carefully selected ingredients including abundant Japanese seafood to ship directly from Shimane for the skill and taste that we cultivated in well-established inn. Please appreciate with "Minami family lore Taimeshi".

Detailed information of store is this